DiY hair mask for silky smooth hair || Hair mask for dry and frizzy hair!!

Hair mask for silky smooth hair
Hair mask

The Hair mask is an effective way to give your hair tons of health benefits in less than 20 minutes. Masks give your hair softening and a hydrating boost to make them grow.

This mask is super conditioning and once you use it you will immediately see the difference in the texture of your hair.

If you have done chemical hair treatments, use hair styling tools daily, spent lots of time in the sun or if you have very frizzy and dry hair, you will be greatly benefited from this mask.

DIY Aloe Vera and Mustard hair Oil

If you have dull and dry hair or you want some volume in hair then try this home made hair mask .
This is very easy and effective and deep condition your hair.

you need just three ingredients.

Aloe Vera gel
Mustard oil
Vitamin E Capsules

Mix in a blender make a creamy like paste . apply to your scalp and roots . Leave for 30 minutes and wash away. towel dry your hair avoid heat and enjoy healthy hair.

Watch video tutorial 👇

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